Scaffolded Social Learning in Action: creating spaces to learn

Julian Stodd is the founder of Sea Salt Learning, and have written this outline of his session:

In this session, we take a practical look at what Social Learning is and how to design effective Social Learning experiences. We will look at how to move beyond formal learning – that which is written and owned by the organisation – and move towards Social Learning, meaning that which is co-created within a scaffolding, by the delegates and participants themselves.

We need Social Learning because the world has changed and we need to be more agile as both individuals and organisations. Formal learning can leave us lethargic, unable to innovate and adapt: Social Learning, by contrast, links into the tacit knowledge of the organisation and constantly evolves. In this session, we will:

  • Explore how learning has changed in the Social Age
  • Introduce a framework for designing Scaffolded Social Learning
  • Explore ten co-creative behaviors and understand how they are used in Scaffolded Social Learning
  • Look at how we use Stories and Storytelling at the heart of learning
  • Learn how we can measure the ROI and assess the success of Social Learning